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Design Ninja
Griffin knows and correctly uses the word "dog". More of a… 
15th-May-2008 01:45 pm

  • Griffin knows and correctly uses the word "dog". More of a "dg" but the intent is spot-on.
  • Duncan finished his first big school report a day early. Gorillas. Woo hoo.
  • I will likely need to go to Sweden sometime in July.
  • Ayanna hears about a promising job soon.
  • Go gay marriage!
  • GTA IV is every bit as good as people say.
  • Speed Racer proves that video games have won the culture wars. Go us!
  • I still haven't seen Iron Man yet.
  • Duncan is still playing Smash Brothers with me.
  • School dance tomorrow. I think Duncan has already been challenged to a breakdancing competition with a kid in his class.
15th-May-2008 10:00 pm (UTC)
Good list. You sons are brilliant, of course. Crossing my fingers for your wife! Several of my friends are all giddy about the gay marriage thing, and I'm so thrilled with my like-minded friends. Sweden is lovely, though I was there in August (it was vey much like CA in winter). And I have seen Iron Man, so h'Ha!
9th-Jun-2008 05:36 pm (UTC)
Well I haven't seen Iron Man yet either, and although there was some sort of promise to get me out of the house to see it some evening this month it hasn't happened yet. Unfortunately the motivation is gone as the Man has gone and watched it with his "team" already. Wah.

On a less complaining topic, Nina now knows and correctly identifies the letters "N" (for Nina), "M" (for Mommy) and "H" (???) in uppercase form. It boggles the mind to think that a year ago we were at the positive identification of dog stage, but we are about to revisit and rewind (any day now!) What fun!

If I were to write my own list, I would definitely have this on it:
• Wii Fit doesn't know how to deal with pregnancy or people whose height changes

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